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Bar furniture, wooden barrels, barrel handcrafts

Barrels since 1800


From 1800 Briganti's family produces wooden barrels. Wheels for carts, tables and chairs, barrels for wine, barrels for vinegar and barrels for cognac are just some of the goods produced in the past.

Strong barrels for cognac

Production made in Italy

Our wooden barrels are made to age cognac, distillates and vinegar for so many years and we do not accept to cut costs of our production. We choose just first choice wood.

Wooden barrel for vinegar of Modena

Handmade barrels

The barrels are made for vinegar of Modena, for wine or for distillate aging. We ship worldwide our products.

Wooden barrels for bar furniture

Decorative barrel for furniture

Every barrel table and barrel furniture is made just with barrels dryed 60°C for 30 days in our oven to get them stronger.

Accurate handcrafts production

Design made in Italy

Every barrel and handcraft must be strong but even beautifull. We take care of the details of every good we produce.

Used barrel recycling

Wood recycling

We turn used barrels into strong tables and chairs, recycle wood sawdust and get current from 98 kW solar panels.

We are looking for dealers all over Europe!

Barrel furniture, barrel tables and barrel seats for bar

Every new or used barrel become a table, seat or cabinet for furniture and is treated in our special oven for 30 days to get it stronger and to to lose moisture. Our decorative barrels seem rustic barriques but they are as much as possible resistant.
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Download the EXW pricelist ITA/ENG (.pdf).

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